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One of the biggest benefits of our fitted wardrobes is the de-cluttering and use of every nook and cranny.

When choosing your dream bedroom, it is essential to make the most out of every inch of space. So, whether your room features tricky alcoves or a sloped ceiling, our furniture will help you to keep your new bedroom clutter free. Here are our top tips on what to include when planning and designing your bedroom. 


If your room has an angled ceiling or tricky alcoves…

Why not add custom angled robe units? Use every inch of space right up to your angled ceiling by creating an angled door that fits perfectly.  

No need to hide away small items on the side of the wardrobe or store boxes to make use of the unused space as these angled robe units will fit flush so that all these items can be hidden.


Why fitted rather than freestanding…?

If you are space conscious, we would recommend fitted wardrobes rather than freestanding to allow you to use every inch of space from floor to ceiling. This will also help you to de-clutter as there will be no space to store empty boxes or any bulky items you can’t hide away.

Our fitted wardrobe units have also been carefully designed to offer either:

A contemporary style using either panelling or infill panels fitted flush with door fronts, or a traditional style using cornice with a set back ceiling scribing panel. There are also a choice of different plinth heights dependant on range, meaning you can create a traditional look or something very contemporary.


Trying to maximise and make the most of room space…

No matter what shape or size bedroom space you have, you want to make sure you utilise it all. This could lead to having those tricky corner wardrobe units you either can’t access or have to leave unused. Make the most of wasted space in the corner of the room by using our innovative stable door solution. 


What about storage in addition to wardrobes…? 

For additional hidden storage to ensure your bedroom stays clutter free why not choose to have either a three drawer storage chest or bedside drawers?

Store bulky bedding such as pillows and blankets out of sight in a three drawer storage chest at the bottom of your bed or hide away books or magazines in your bedside drawer.


Want to keep your everyday items separate and easy to find…

Why not incorporate dressing tables into your dream bedroom? One way to find your everyday essentials or even somewhere to store your jewellery and smaller or valuable items. You then have more space in your wardrobes for all your other items.


These are just five of our recommended tips when planning your dream bedroom in order to utilise your space better and help you to de-clutter even before your bedroom has been fitted!

Why not speak to one of our retailers to find out more…

The Ottoman Storage Bed

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