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Installation Guidelines

When installing your bathroom furniture consideration should be made as to the fitting of your units to ensure the finished installation matches your expectations by following the simple guidelines detailed below.

BATHROOM NUMBERS-1Always check for electrical wires, water pipes or other services hidden behind or within walls before drilling.

BATHROOM NUMBERS-2We recommend that a filler is placed between the wall and the first unit in a run to provide clearance for door/drawer opening and decorating.

BATHROOM NUMBERS-3Ensure all units are level and square prior to fixing in place by using the supplied legs or wall brackets to fully adjust.

BATHROOM NUMBERS-4Adjusting legs correctly will ensure a strong base support.

BATHROOM NUMBERS-5Continue fitting units together levelling, screwing and bolting as above.

BATHROOM NUMBERS-6Ensure adequate fixings screws are used to fasten units to walls and each other.

BATHROOM NUMBERS-7When cutting worktops to size we recommend overhanging the units, typically 10mm each end.

BATHROOM NUMBERS-8Plinths can be scribed and trimmed to cover unevenness of floors and create a pleasant finish between floor and cabinet, Plinths are simply clipped to the cabinet legs and can be removed for easy access.

BATHROOM NUMBERS-9Thoroughly seal all cut edges using a waterproof sealant to avoid swelling through condensation or water spillage. 


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