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Lighting Solutions for your Kitchen

Getting the lighting right in your kitchen is critical, its the room that attracts the most use both day and night, so creating the mood that you desire can be done with careful planning. Please consider the choice of lighting styles shown below.



kitchen1-5-Over Cabinet position-05 No01 LB
kitchen1-3-In Cabinet position-03 No02 LB
kitchen1-4-Drawer position-04 No03 LB
kitchen1-1-Touch Switching position-01 No04 LB
kitchen1-2-Pop-up Power position-02 No05 LB
kitchen1-6-Under Cabinet position-06 No06 LB
kitchen1-7-Plinth position-07 No07 LB

1-Touch Switching position-01 No042-Pop-up Power position-02 No053-In Cabinet position-03 No024-Drawer position-04 No035-Over Cabinet position-05 No016-Under Cabinet position-06 No067-Plinth position-07 No07


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