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Measuring your space

Successful kitchen planning starts with accurate and precise measurements. Careful preparation at this stage will ensure a smooth process leading to a kitchen that will fit perfectly.

KITCHENS Page 57 Number1Start by measuring the overall length of all walls and the height from floor to ceiling and record these in millimetres on your plan.

KITCHENS Page 57 Number2Measure each window and door by detailing the floor to sill, the height and width and the distance from the ceiling and room corners remembering to include the frame.

KITCHENS Page 57 Number3Check for obstructions such as radiators, meters, extractors or ventilation grilles and detail these on the plan.

KITCHENS Page 57 Number4Note the position of any stop taps, water and gas pipes and outside drain tha thte waste pipe runs into.

KITCHENS Page 57 Number5Finally mark any existing power points and light switches on your plan.

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KITCHENS Planning Image3Further Tips

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