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Midway Storage Solutions

Wall mounted midway storage elements that are neatly fitted to the wall or splashback. The basic elements are easily attached either above or below the rail. These elements are simple to slot in and slide to wherever they are needed.



1-Universal-hanging-rail slice 012-Knife-Block slice 023-Hook-Rail slice 034-Kitchen-Roll-Holder slice 045-Top-Mounted-Shelf slice 057-Multi-Purpose-Shelf slice 076-Top-Mounted-Towel-Rail slice 06


Trend Kitchens MIDWAY 700x700
kitchen2-1-Universal-hanging-rail LB 01

kitchen2-2-Knife-Block LB 02
kitchen2-3-Hook-Rail LB 03
kitchen2-4-Kitchen-Roll-Holder LB 04
kitchen2-5-Top-Mounted-Shelf LB 05
kitchen2-7-Multi-Purpose-Shelf LB 07kitchen2-6-Top-Mounted-Towel-Rail LB 06

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