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Steve & Kim's Testimonial


Hi Darren, (Wentworth Colchester)
We both are extremely pleased with our new kitchen, just in the process of returning things to new cupboards!
We are delighted how everything went according to your schedule, everyone arrived on time and completed their tasks superbly.
James and (?), sorry I think he was Jason, stripped the old kitchen very quickly and did the first fix electrics perfectly. The finished electrics are just how we wanted them, thank you!

The kitchen delivery guy was very obliging and waited until Mike arrived to help him. I just left him to it and went to work.
We cannot praise Mike enough for his hard work!!!! Thank him for us please.
He worked diligently and without stopping.

The quality of his finished work is something I know we will appreciate for many many years.
When we first walked into the St. Albans showroom we had a good feeling and meeting you sealed the deal! Everything went so smoothly.
We just await the glass splashback and its all complete.

Our very best regards to everyone Darren!!

Steve & Kim.

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